Because we procure our fresh juices and fruit purees daily, our quality is guaranteed. We have a wide network of quality suppliers, so we only deliver the best fruit on the market.


  • Apple Juice Fresh Fruity
  • Kiwi Juice Apple-Verse
  • Lemon Juice Frozen
  • Lemon Juice Fresh Fruity King
  • Grape Juice Fresh
  • Lime Juice Frozen
  • Juice Lychees
  • Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice
  • Red Grapefruit Fresh Juice
  • Strawberry Orange Fresh Juice
  • Orange Juice Freshly Fruity King
  • Banana Orange Fresh Juice
  • Kiwi Orange Fresh Juice
  • Tomato Juice
  • Tropical Juice
  • Blackcurrant Apple Juice

Fruit Purees

  • Strawberry Frozen Puree
  • Banana Frozen Puree
  • Blueberry Frozen Puree
  • Blackberry Frozen Puree
  • Lemon Frozen Puree
  • Cocos Frozen Puree
  • Raspberries Frozen Puree
  • Green Apple Frozen Puree
  • Lime Frozen Puree
  • Lychee Frozen Puree
  • Mandrel Frozen Puree
  • Mango Frozen Puree
  • Passionfruit Frozen Puree
  • Pear Frozen Puree
  • Peach Frozen Puree

Always fresh

We deliver all desired volumes and make arrangements with our customers regarding the necessary products, orders, time of delivery and of course the price.

More information

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