About us

Supplier of meat, meat products, chicken, venison, vegetables, fruits and non-food.

The founder of EFE catering supplier started working during the weekends at his father’s greengrocer/butcher shop. After his training, he wanted to go to work as an entrepreneur and decided to do what he’s great at; supplying fresh meat, fruits, vegetables, chicken and meat products to wholesale and catering businesses.

EFE Catering has now become a fully-fledged supplier of quality products with an emphasis on service. Overnight ordered products will be in your kitchen the same morning – that’s what EFE Catering Supplier stands for.

Efe Horeca Amsterdam Resul Beydogan

We don’t see you as a customer but as a partner.

Forgotten to order something? No problem!

We see ourselves as the extension of your business. Therefore, we offer unparalleled service so you can please your customers/guests even more. Our service is your security.

Quick & easy

Our strong point is that we can fulfil the specific needs of every chef. You always have direct contact with our team of specialists. You can pass your wishes along to us, so that your next order is delivered according to your specific needs.

You can also call out specialists or add a note with your order. This will then be taken care of for you according to your wishes on the same day.

Daily fresh produce & meat for

  • top restaurants
  • hotels
  • caterers
  • healthcare
  • company restaurants
  • eateries
  • other institutions

Would you like to get to know our products? Request a free trial order.

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